Friday, May 9, 2014

#IconCity: Obsessed with Saldana

I couldn't find a word to rhyme or alliterate with Saldana, but she rocks my frilly pink polka dotted socks (I don't own any, but I eventually plan on purchasing a pair). Zoe Saldana was made for fashion. She may have a stylist (like everyone famous enough), but her selections are perfection (didn't have trouble rhyming there). As a resident of Iconcity, she would bring colour and vivid prints to all the dinner parties and everyone (even Victoria Bex) would tell her how fabulous she looks. Saldana's wardrobe is the one I wish I had and though I probably never will, I will continue to google stalk her during awards season. For always looking stylish and taking fashion risks, here is Zoe Saldana, official member at large of Iconcity.

Inevitably, Zoe looks amazing as usual in head-to-toe turquoise, a sleek bun, and a pair of classic nude pumps. You can tell she loves her outfit as much as the rest of us based on her proud pose and the way she's showing off that ring. Can she teach me how to dress for the office?
via People Stylewatch
Did I mention she knows how to rock a print? But Zoe doesn't merely stop at one show-stopping centre piece. That's far too dull. With these red hot pumps, she adds that pop of colour to take this look from wow to beyond words.
via People Stylewatch
Once again, Zoe pulls a look together with that wow factor by expertly mixing prints. Somehow, she still looks effortless.
Zoe manages to make coral 5 inch pumps (potentially 6) and a leopard print look sophisticated without looking tacky or overdone. That's a real skill. 
via Elle
Picking only five looks is always a challenge, but this Armani Prive dress is one of my favourites. I love the slit and origami draping on the side. And of course, she looks like a goddess wearing it.
via Elle
Which is your favourite look by Saldana? Do you love her look as much as I do?

Happy Friday!


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