Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm On Lorde's Team

We may never be royals, but we can be Lorde (sort of). The M.A.C collaboration we've all been anticipating has released it's official launch date (June 5th) and we're all wondering why we didn't have a makeup collection at 17 (check it out at WWD). Go Lorde! It is common knowledge that M.A.C lipstick is the gold medal of lipsticks. Diamond's aren't a girl's best friend; her M.A.C lip collection is. M.A.C is the motherload and Lorde has reached it while we were all at the prom. Clearly, we're all underachievers.
If this realization put you down, don't feel too sorry for yourself because this is actually just a mini collection featuring a bold purple lip colour called "Pure Heroine" and Penultimate eyeliner in Rapid black. The moral of this story is that wearing crazy lipstick makes you a contender for M.A.C. In case you were unaware, Rihanna owns Marilyn Monroe red lips and Nicki Menaj is queen of fuschia land. You either go bold or go home (as per M.A.C's new slogan that I've just invented). You could also try putting together an album of music that crosses all boundaries. If neither of these options appeal to you, you probably won't be getting a collection with M.A.C anytime soon. Maybe Rimmel will take you, but then again, if you're not as British as Kate Moss or Rita Ora, you probably aren't a contender for that one either.

Having your own perfume used to define you as a superior individual, but today, everyone whose anyone has their own perfume. A lipstick collection (preferably with M.A.C) or even just a single lipstick with your name on it is the new emblem of high class. But if you don't aspire to have your own lipstick line with M.A.C, you can always just wear Lorde's new Pure Heroine and hope someone important notices you.

Have a lovely day!


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