Monday, April 28, 2014

Fashion in Distress

"I Woke Up Like This" has a twin sister and her name is "Fashion in Distress". These are several ways in which Fashion in Distress differs from her sib.

1) Fashion in Distress is intentional. I Woke Up Like This is accidental.
2) Fashion in Distress is aggressive. I Woke Up Like This is nonchalant.
3) Fashion in Distress is grunge. I Woke Up Like This is Parisian chic.

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Despite their various differences, these two have one common trait: they are both associated with an effortlessness that only a fashionista can do right.

In case you're still confused, Fashion in Distress is when you've destroyed your clothing or shoes in a rage or in an accident caused by your own aggression and decided to wear it anyway. You remember those Converse you had back in 2006? Of course you do, they're still in your closet in their distressed form with holes at the soles. But alas, you're still wearing them because according to you, they're even cooler this way. In fact, they're MEANT to be worn this way. And ripped denim is not as edgy as when you've ripped it yourself. It's common knowledge that pre-ripped jeans are for poseurs. How about that yellow tank ripped down the sides that you continue to sport with your bandeau. No, you did NOT buy it at H&M. It was just you and a pair of scissors at your kitchen table.

Fashion in Distress is for the fashion rebel who refuses to follow a trend or purchase a replacement every time their clothes get ruined. The sign of a true rebel? Worn out clothing that you've lived in, stomped in the mud in, got caught in a fence as you were climbing it in. Though it defies the fashion rules of looking proper and put together, it radiates cool vibes due to its "I don't care" attitude that fashion people love.

So, are you a distressed dresser? Will you be throwing out those Converse one of these days in exchange for a cleaner pair?

Ponder that.


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