Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Art of Being Sporty Without Being Sporty

Remember the days back in kindergarten when you yearned to be exactly like Sporty spice? No? That's probably because you it never happened. Everyone wanted to be angelic and sweet like Baby or chic and pouty like Posh. Or at least I did.

I was that girl who pretended to play soccer by standing in front of the net giggling with my fellow defence woman. I was the one running to my gym instructor in tears because I got a basketball in my face. I was the one that nobody wanted on their team (no matter what sport we were playing) and was almost always picked last. Let's just put it bluntly. I wasn't very athletic as a child, nor as an adult.

If you were like me (or still are), you can still look like an athlete because it happens to be the biggest trend of the season. Sport chic is the new peplum and nobody can get over it. Every April Issue from Dress to Kill to Elle Canada is shooting models in jerseys and sneakers. What gives?

With the gym craze spreading across the nation, it's no wonder that everyone wants to be fit (or look like they are). Beware. I don't believe in blindly following trends just because all the Jourdan's and Cara's are doing it. Reinvent this look to suit your own taste. Or if you're like me, add a feminine twist.

Here are some of the ways to alter this trend to suit your own girly tendencies:

White Wedge Sneaker
White sneakers have become more popular than Justin Bieber's notorious reputation. Everyone from The Man Repeller to Alessandra Ambrosio is rocking this look. Bye bye stilettos. It's time for a break. And if you're girly like me, a little wedge never hurt anyone.
Jersey Dress
It's time to wear that jersey like you're on a professional sports team and you're the prized player. A sports team that requires a pair of stilettos and a dress. What? Walking in heels is a sport!
The Baseball Cap
I am all girl, but I'm obsessed with this trend. Why is it that a guy can wear a baseball cap indoors and a girl gets scrutinized for sporting (no pun intended) the same trend? Try it in leather for some added edge just because. If anyone asks, you did it #forthesakeoffashion.
The Bomber/Varsity Jacket
If you didn't know this was the latest trend, you've probably been living under a leather-clad rock because the bomber is the new moto. Since this looks like your non-existent boyfriend's jacket, you can make it feminine with a flared summer dress and you won't look like a try hard.
Sport Socks
Because socks are EVERYTHING. Every fashion girl knows that.
via Teen Vogue
And that's how girly girls do sporty. Take it or leave it.


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