Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pharrellyn Monroe

Once upon a time, Marilyn Monroe wore red lipstick and everyone thought it was revolutionary. Subsequently, the red lip became her signature and everyone who followed was merely imitating the Marilyn look. Today, we've got Pharrell Williams and his infamous (or famous) Vivienne Westwood hat that happens to be more popular than the Kardashians. After wearing this hat at the Grammys, the jokes flooded onto social media as some criticized his taste in fashion and others admired it. At that moment, the questions began.
Was this just a joke?
Was he hiding something in there?
Has he gone country?
Is he just looking for attention?

The second that hat hit the red carpet, it got its own Twitter account which is clearly a sign of the times. If a hat is getting more followers than I am, I should probably rethink my entire reason for existence. Insert existential crisis here.

As soon as he decided to wear the hat in his new music video ironically entitled Marilyn Monroe, the hat became his signature, and without it, we can hardly recognize him. A new set of questions now permeate our minds.

Who is Pharrell without his hat?
Is the hat permanently attached to his head?
How many hats does this man own of the cowboy variety?
Is this just his way of compensating for the "Blurred Lines" fiasco according to la feminist?
Will it eventually get old?

None of these questions can be answered and that's all part of the fun. We can endlessly obsess over this fashion statement for a reason nobody can possibly comprehend as it becomes Pharrell's wingman and partner in crime. Would we still love Pharrell this much without the hat? Well, let's just say it was a smart career moves along the lines of Miley's haircut and new bad girl image. Everyone loves a controversial fashion statement. And let's face it, if I'm writing an entire blog post about it, it must be worth talking about. Right?

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