Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Honey, I Shrunk My Handbag

While fall was about the art of layering, spring requires us to shed those layers as we prepare ourselves for the warmer weather that lies ahead. While fall inspired us to put thought and time into our daily looks, spring is about that easy dress that you slip over your head in a bright coral or bold floral print. While fall invited us to try innovative accessories from the various forms of beanies to a Fendi furry purse chain, spring is about minimalism and blending with the natural landscape.

How do creative fashionistas explore their artistic side with such limited quantities of fabric? How do we appear fashionable while exercising minimal effort?

The Mini Bag.

It's a known fact that everything in miniature form is automatically deemed "cute" because it is likened to babies. Who hasn't squealed over a teeny pair of Converse in a store window? Who doesn't fall in love with babies in Burberry trenches fit to size? We all turn gaga at the sight of miniature versions of our favourite things. The mini bag is one of those things. We've all had it with those satchels we've been lugging around all year. There's only so much you can stuff inside your handbag without carrying your entire bedroom. It's time to stop and select 5 items you need with you at all times such as your lipstick, your keys, your wallet, a packet of Kleenex, and perhaps a pair of tweezers. We all have our must-have purse items, but most of us tend to take it to another level. Enough is enough.

Spring is about stepping outside, hands-free, dancing beneath the sunshine in our Jackie-O sunglasses, twirling our full skirts and breathing in the clean air. A large handbag will only hold you back.

Here are some mini handbag ideas for spring:

If you're Whimsical...
A Deck Of Cards (Not Really, Though)
If you're Trendy...
Louis Vuitton Luggage Mini Bag
If you're Sporty...
Chanel Mini Backpack
If you're Classy...
Chanel Crossbody
via Babble
And If you're Wild...
Phillip Lim 3.1 Leopard Pashli Mini Satchel
Time to say goodbye (for now) to that giant go-to handbag and opt for something mini and hands free. Haven't you heard? Cute is the new black.


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