Sunday, April 20, 2014

I've Got 99 Problems And The Romper Is Occasionally One Of Them

One of the biggest trends at Coachella and spring (in general terms) is the romper. For those of you who don't know, a romper is the summer version of the jumpsuit involving shorts connected to your tank top by more fabric (in simple terms). It's the adult onesie, the cooler overalls, the dress's hipster cousin.

Rompers fall into the adorable category for a variety of reasons:

1) They provide comfort beyond anything you've ever worn before.
2) They can be classy or casual, but they will always feel like pyjamas.
3) You don't even have to plan your outfit. You just slip it on and instantly, everyone's wants your look.
4) The idea of a one piece exudes sex appeal for obvious reasons.
5) It's effortless fashion.

Despite the multiple positive aspects of the romper, you may also encounter some problems when sporting this look.

1) The bathroom problem (self-explanatory)
2) Bra or no bra (usually the answer is bra, but some people have to ponder this)
3) The inevitable question: will I look 12 in this outfit?
4) Followed by: am I too old for this?
5) ...there are no other problems

As you can see, the romper has more pros than cons. Time to hit the stores, ladies.

Here are some romper ideas to try:

The Classy Romper
Inspiration: Kourtney Kardashian
The Floral Romper
Inspiration: Audrina Patridge
The Denim Romper
Inspiration: Karlie Kloss
The Boho Romper
Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens
The Bad Girl Romper
Inspiration: Miley Cyrus
via Pinterest
Are you ready to let the romper into your life? Are you prepared to deal with the problems you may confront? Which romper style is your favourite?


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