Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is The LWD Replacing The LBD?

For those unfamiliar with fashion speak, let me give you the lowdown.

LBD: Little Black Dress
LWD: Little White Dress

Better? Now, I know what you're thinking. The LWD can never replace the LBD. It's a classic. It may be an alternative in the summer time, but each one serves its own purpose and thus, both are necessary assets to a wardrobe.

But how to choose which one?

In the past few months, the LWD has gained popularity in a variety of forms. From the feminine broderie anglaise to boho lace, off-the-shoulder and loose halters, combined with a killer pair of knee-high gladiator sandals, this look won this summer. If you're bold enough, you may even add a wide-brim hat for the full boho effect. In terms of trends, this one takes the cake.

When it comes to classics, the LBD will always win. Whether we like it or not, black is the most versatile look. It's flattering on blonds, brunettes, and redheads. It's slimming and looks great with gold or silver. No matter the season, it will forever remain in style. Let's face it, the LBD is jeans for the classy lady, the ultimate wardrobe essential. It also doesn't show stains.

However, one can also argue that white is quintessentially feminine and romantic. It can be edgy with the right pair of combat boots and girly with some strappy sandals. Its lightness makes it much less sombre than black and much more attention grabbing while simultaneously being subtle. Can any other colour accomplish such a feat?

The reality is that one of each is necessary. Whether you're sweet or spicy, black or white can be combined with any fashion accessory imaginable to suit your mood.

Verdict? Get yourself an LWD and an LBD. And never for one moment believe anyone who tells you that one can ever replace the other.

Ponder that,


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