Monday, July 6, 2015

My Newfound Love Affair With The Crossbody Bag

Ladies, it's time to let your hands spring free and your shoulders relax because summer is all about loosening up and letting go of that year round tension. Last week, I discovered the beauty of a crossbody bag and it changed my life. It's time it changed yours.

Now, as a smaller than average human, I'm drawn towards mini bags and anything that doesn't overwhelm my body. Unfortunately, there are so many things to carry in my day-to-day life that a little handbag just won't cut it. Somehow, I find myself with a giant purse filled with things I may or may not need to survive my day and I can't seem to get rid of any. Those days are over (for the most part).

I decided to take the leap and purchase a tiny crossbody bag, ideal for only a few essentials. This purchase was a lesson in packing light and selecting only the necessary. Here are some tips on how to do this:

1) Don't bring your entire makeup case. Your lipstick alone will do and occasionally, your eyeliner for quick touch ups.
2) You don't need to always have your entire wallet on your person. Take the cards you need every time you leave the house and you're golden.
3) If you're like me and need reading material, try an e-book. For travelling, you won't regret it.

Best part about this bag? You don't even need to hold it. Nothing in the world is more practical. So, next time you're thinking of stuffing your oversized tote with things, ask yourself whether you actually need every selected item. Eventually, you'll get used to choosing wisely and your shoulders will thank you.

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