Monday, July 13, 2015

Let's Review Couture, Shall We?

As per my usual custom, I'm ready to offer you a full review of Paris Couture Week AKA The Greatest Fashion Event of the Year (after the Met Ball). Couture is my absolute favorite because it revives the fashion fantasy and reminds us why it's not all about spending money, but about dreams of luxury. This week, as I was watching Jean Paul Gaultier's couture show, my father stepped into my room and scoffed, asking me who would wear any of that? What did I answer? Probably no one. But then again, are museum artifacts for sale? Are they meant to be used in people's homes? No. They are works of art. Just like a painting, an Elie Saab Haute Couture gown is meant to be ogled at, admired, and analyzed. For the models on the runway, wearing these pieces is a dream, but in reality, that's all it's meant to be. People don't make art for money, but for the passion that flows through their veins. This year, we saw some beautiful tulle at Giambattista Valli, a brand new fur-based collection at Fendi courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld, and old school opulence at Valentino. My absolute favorites? Read more to find out.

What's not to love about Zuhair Murad? Some sparkle, some high slits, and deep Vs ideal for the J.Lo's of this world, Zuhair Murad fails to disappoint and always succeeds at making a woman feel glamorous. In his case, this collection is not only reserved for dreams, but for the celebrity Red Carpet. It's for the woman with a princess inside of her who wants to externalize her spectacular personality. This collection showcased some bright reds, turquoise, and the newly popular navy. It was sexy and showstopping so, if you're not a diva, you should probably search elsewhere for your next party dress.
My Favourite Look: 28
Nothing excites me more than the revival of an old house of couture from the times where fashion was just a burgeoning seed. Newly appointed Bertrand Guyon tried his hand at couture after the abrupt departure of Creative Director Marco Zanini and took us all back in time while adding a modern twist. There were midi skirts, plaid suits, and classic blouses for the career woman. Of course, there were also gowns fit for a queen topped with gold accessories for added drama. It may not have been from this time, but the nostalgia factor is exactly what made it special.
My Favourite Look: 15
Would it even be couture week without a breathtaking Dior show? Angelic white gowns, oversized cloaks, and sparkly dresses adorned this runway taken straight from your fantasies. It was a collection of dresses alone and projected a strong femininity and innocent sensuality. Let's not neglect to mention the beautiful set that served as a backdrop for the models. It was a fairtytale come alive with colours fit for a rendition of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. You just wanted to enter Raf's world and never leave.
My Favourite Look: 31
I absolutely ADORE Giambattista Valli. It's undeniable that the man knows how to perfectly correlate our girly side with our dark side by combining chunky platforms with florals and infinite tulle. This collection was all about female whimsy with round sunglasses being a focal point accentuated by colourful beads on the frames. Puffy skirts were also a big part of this collection whether on a mini dress or a gown and the pop colours made every piece come to life from the not-so-mellow yellow to a pretty coral. It was a wardrobe made for the flirtatious 17 year old or a young women with an affinity towards the Lolita look. Bravo, Valli.
My Favourite Look: 11
NUMBER 1: Chanel
As if it wasn't obvious that Chanel would be the number one show at Couture Week. It may be a predictable choice, but somehow, Karl always delivers (whether he has one or two couture shows on his plate). While the luxurious furs at Fendi were fabulous, Chanel still reigns when it comes to couture. We were taken back to the days of Coco Chanel with elegant tweeds in a variety of cuts. The setting featured A-list celebrities playing poker center stage while models in cropped brown wigs and their best pastel tweeds walked around them. It wasn't all work and no play though, because at the end of the show, fluffy skirts and overpieces made their way down the runway to add some pizazz. Everything about the show screamed Parisian chic.
My Favourite Look: 53
Which was your favourite this couture week? 

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