Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#ForTheSakeofFashion: Booties In The Summer?

If you live in a warm country (which I do not), you may be faced with the following dilemma. Can I still buy a pair of boots? What if they're cute Chelsea boots? Is this purchase justifiable?

Your answer is most definitely yes.

Though it may seem like an illogical purchase in every way, little booties have become a style statement. Even those of the over-the-knee variety can now be worn with a mini dress for a different effect altogether.

via breakfastwithaudrey.com.au

We've all seen the Mileys and Caras of this world sport some combat boots with a pair of shorts. Depending on whether or not you live in L.A, this can be permissible. In fact, it's almost encouraged, especially when combined with an edgier outfit.

Whether a pair of peep-toe booties for a night on the town or combat boots for your daily shopping excursion (or monthly, depending on your level of addiction), boots have transformed into a year-long versatile look that never goes out of style. Sometimes you're not in the mood to wear a sandal, possibly because you haven't had the time to redo your pedicure. No matter. Boots are here to rescue you from a chipped nail fiasco.

Sure, the sneaker is the most logical alternative, but as I always say, fashion should (almost) NEVER be about logic, but rather about playful creativity. In other words, you should be wearing booties #forthesakeoffashion and not because it's cold outside. In fact, the cold should not dictate how you dress (for the most part). You should control the weather by wearing what you please, when you please. That may be our only way of coping with our weather woes.

So, next time you're considering wearing those little black boots in the summer, don't let warm weather get in the way of your decision.

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