Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An Ode To Summer Hats: The Accessory That Protects You AND Looks Cute

If you walk down the streets of Montreal, rare is the day you spot a girl in a hat. In the winter, it's a whole other story, but that's by mere necessity. Why don't we see hats in the summer as a necessity as well? Let's face it. It's hot outside and my head gets sweaty. A hat just makes it worse. Or does it? While sunglasses project cool vibes (whether worn indoors or out), a hat is a style statement that many are reluctant to make. That's exactly what makes it such fun.

While in some cities, hats may be all the rage. This one needs a hat awakening. When a girl walking down the street in a wide-brim hat becomes too much of a fashion statement, you know the masses haven't yet embraced it. It sets the fashion girls apart because of its ability to draw in everyone's attention and is perceived as a look associated with hipsters or artists.

While this is all true, it's also true that hats protect us from UV rays. While tanning is still rampant, the fashion industry continues to encourage skin protection in the best way they know how: turning it into a style statement. What better way to get everyone on the bandwaggon than to transform a necessity into a playful fashion trend?

While wide-brim felt hats were all the rage last fall, summer is all about chic berets, straw hats, and cool baseball caps. Gone are the days when hats were merely associated with athletes and farmers. With the wide selection of hats our favourite stores have to offer, there's a cute hat for fashionistas with all kinds of inclinations.

So, next time you think you don't have a "hat head", experiment a little longer. After all, the benefits make this one worth it.

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