Monday, June 29, 2015

Flats On The Red Carpet: A Do Or A Don't?

Back in the day, the Red Carpet was reserved for Elie Saab gowns and occasionally a Dior jumpsuit (if you're as cool as Emma Watson). While a few have played around with the rules, there is one that seems slightly less flexible.

Can one wear flats on the Red Carpet?

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Obviously, we live in a world of progress. Pants are now permitted on and off the carpet. Gay marriage was legalized. Parisians are wearing sneakers. The world is clearly a'changing.

But flats on the Red Carpet? Meh.

It's commonly accepted that after hours of standing in heels, your feet will hurt. If you're Jennifer Lawrence, you may trip on yourself. Twice. Or was it three times? I've lost track. If you're Emma Thompson, you've already said "to hell with it" and discarded your heels in a moment of frustration in front of an audience of A-listers. However, those are the exceptions. Most women will never dare walk a Red Carpet event in anything but their classiest pair of shoes. Whether they are wearing a floor-length gown that hides them or even a tuxedo Diane Keaton style, high heels are always a MUST.

But what if they weren't?
What if someone decided to break the rules?

Sure, heels elongate your legs and make them look 10 miles longer, but what of comfort? What of elegant flats that don't deter from the centerpiece that is your dress? Could this possibly be an underrated concept?

Fashion is about crossing boundaries. It's about inspiring people to change their mind about something they once deemed unacceptable. It's about shortening hems, removing the corsets, and allowing women to move with ease. And isn't that the purpose of flats? Fluidity of movement? Are flats a stepping stone in the feminist debate?

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