Thursday, June 25, 2015

When Are Face Nets Coming Back In Style?

Some associate this look with British royalty and others with brides. I, however, see it as a fashion statement that needs to be revived immediately.

Let me begin by saying that I'm a hat girl through and through. I love a great headpiece to decorate your er...head. From girly bows to chic headbands, even a good hairpiece sparks my attention. My question is:

Why is it so underrated?

A look best kept for special occasions, the "hair net veil" is ideal for the current wedding season. It offers a look of mystery and old school elegance that's lacking in today's society. With the rebirth of period dramas in recent years, it's a wonder that this look hasn't yet reached the masses. Though we are currently in the midst of a 70s revival featuring bell bottoms and maxi dresses, fashion tends to look back and with each passing year, we become nostalgic for one that's further and further away from where we are.

This particular trend takes us back to the 1920s flapper girl cloche hats that invited one to add an air of mystery. It's sexy in an understated way with a hint of flirtation hidden beneath it.

Can the face net veil (whatever it's really called) ever return? If it does, will it become the hottest new wedding look? Or can it make its way onto the streets and replace the wide brim hat?

If Beyonce can do it, why can't you?


Ponder it,


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