Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These Overused Fashion Phrases Are My Mantra

X is the new black.
Y is the new black.
Orange is the new black.
Pink is the new black.
Black is the new black.
Lady Gaga is the new black.

Heard it before? That's because it's the biggest fashion cliché around and it will continue to be until after Karl Lagerfeld retires which is never. Despite my aversion to fashion conformity, I unabashedly love these fashion clichés. Let's call them "my guilty pleasures"(cliche). My weakness? CHIC (There's just no other word to describe certain outfits). As a fashionista (cliche) and a writer, I can't resist a good pun or even a line with no pretension of being clever that somehow caught on.

Here are 15 fashion clichés that aren't going anywhere.

1. That's SO chic (nerd-chic, rocker-chic, edgy-chic, chic-chic, CHIC)
2. Show me your fierce face (if it alliterates...)
3. Passion for fashion (if it rhymes...)
4. Dress to Impress (who said fashionistas weren't wordsmiths?)
5. SO on trend (ex: shoes are SO on trend)
6. Must-Have (Well, if I must...)
7. LBD (it's a must-have)
8. Wardrobe staple (Everything is a wardrobe staple. That's why we're all shopping addicts.)
9. And speaking of...SHOPAHOLIC (guilty as charged)
10. Work it (MANTRA)
11. Best-Dressed List (LOL)
12. Fashion Victim (Are we victims though really?)
13. Arm Candy (YUM)
14. Fashion Faux-Pas (such as...leggings as pants, visible undergarments, and crocs)
15. That's so fetch (Just kidding. Trying to make fetch happen since 2004)

Conclusion: it's a love-hate relationship.

Are you guilty? What's your most overused phrase?


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