Monday, March 24, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week: What Winter Actually Looks Like

Remember Fall 2014 Fashion Month a few short weeks ago? Remember thinking that this is NOT how people dress in the wintertime unless they are polar bears with an inhuman resistance to low temperatures? That's what World MasterCard Fashion Week is for. Real Canadians know what winter is all about: fur trims, an abundance of leather, and oversized winter accessories. Though fashion remains a fantasy in which we can marvel at beautiful clothes that we'll probably never wear because they are unaffordable or simply impractical, we cannot live in this fantasy weather land where winter does not exist (especially not in Canada). We can always argue that it is #forthesakeoffashion, but alas, we may find ourselves with frostbitten toes and a permanent stuffy nose. Toronto Fashion Week takes us through winter in style while remaining realistic about the reality we must all face: Winter is real. Sickness is also real. And since winter hasn't yet ended, much to our dismay, we can still inspire ourselves with these looks.

Here are some of the best looks from Toronto Fashion Week that bring us back to earth, while maintaining impeccable style.

Matthew Gallagher Fall 2014
It is ESSENTIAL to cover up from NECK TO TOE. Turtle necks must become your new best friend for this temporary 6 month period.

Rudsak Fall 2014
Rudsak reminds us that fur is integral to warmth. Even in the form of gloves. Let's not forget that parkas can be chic and wool coats just won't suffice in -20 degree temperatures.

Joe Fresh Fall 2014
Invest in a quality scarf. Flimsiness is NOT an option.

Pink Tartan Fall 2014
Yes, you can wear white in the winter. But it SHOULD be a knitted headscarf. And don't leave the house without your fur boxing gloves and matching fur shoes.

Mackage Fall 2014
Don't forget your pompom hat. And if you're going to wear leather, it should be accompanied by fur. ALWAYS.

Laura Siegel Fall 2014
Oh, this old thing? This is what a REAL oversized sweaters looks like.

And on that note, as we get inspired by winter, let us dream of spring. Yes, I'm talking to you, Mother Nature.


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