Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flats Are My Fruits and Vegetables

Let's get this established right from the get-go: I do not believe in trends. Is that a fashion cliché? Perhaps. But it's one that I'm willing to indulge in for the sake of avoiding a more serious faux-pas. I'd also like to let something else off my chest: I prefer fashion-averted girls who stay true to themselves over trend-following fashionistas. Remember ladies, trends are simply there for inspiration. They are NOT the ten commandments.

Now, how does this relate to shoes? Or better yet, how does it relate to fruits and vegetables? Let's just say that the fashion world loves to connect food to fashion. Hence the term, "arm candy".

What are the similarities between fashion and food, you ask?

1. They are both desirable.
2. They share addictive qualities.
3. Everyone has different tastes.
4. They consume us. We consume them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.
5. They're both associated with guilty pleasures and instant gratification.

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This Spring, the magazines and the media have thrown flats our way, inspiring ladies to give their feet a break, while still looking put-together. For a fleeting moment, I was sold. Three cheers for comfort. The Chanel Haute Couture runway show featured sneakers and the world was revolutionized. Mind-blown as I was, I wasn't falling for this ploy. Pointy-flats elongate the foot, ballet flats are still for little girls, and sneakers are for the gym. Even then, I do Pilates and that requires bare feet. Universally unflattering, what qualities do flats have that heels do not (comfort aside)? In my eyes, flats are merely a necessity created to recuperate the damage done to our poor calloused toes from our stilettos. Like fruits and veggies, they are thrust upon us with the promise of health and an illusion of beauty. But at the end of the day, as the wise Aaron Carter once said "I Want Candy". Heels may destroy your feet to no avail, but they're so darn pretty. At a mere 5 feet tall, I need the extra inches and if it didn't hurt so much, I'd wear them every day. Like candy, high heels exude endorphins (or maybe that's just me) and fill us with incomparable thrill. We just can't get enough.

But then again, I'm a junk food addict, so what do I know?

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