Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mules: The Back Of Your Foot Is Ridiculous

Spring is here. Almost. But one thing we need to be prepared for is the resurgence of THE MULE. Everyone from Altuzarra to Celine presented models in mules at their Spring 2014 show and evidently, they have tumbled down into the realm of common folk (me and you). If you google mules, the trend reports are endless as all our favourite fashion editors report on this rising trend. But how do I feel about this?

A few things you should know about me:
1) I'm not big on feet.
2) I'm not big on toe cleavage.
3) Nor on toes.

You would think that this is the ultimate solution. WRONG. The back of my foot is not any more attractive than the front. Post-winter, the soles of my feet are dry and crusty (sorry for that image). Why would I want to show them off? I would need a series of full pedicures before that day can come. How long will it take to heal (no pun intended) before the mule becomes acceptable?

via fashionfilesmag.com
The Celine mules actually rock my sockless feet. If I had to pick a mule, that one would be my prince Charmant. However, at the moment, I'm not too keen on this trend. Will spotting every celebrity adopting this trend change my mind? Stranger things have happened. Will I try it? Perhaps. We'll see if the tables turn when fashionistas across the world sport these contraptions on their perfectly pedicured feet.


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