Monday, March 31, 2014

Leggings Are Not Pants

I was standing in the metro as per usual, when I noticed something particularly disturbing. It was round, prominent, and extra shiny. A girl was wearing leggings as pants and I cringed at the sight (even though I struggled to divert my eyes). Yes, I encourage everyone to make a fashion statement. Yes, you should be proud of your assets. And YES, you should wear leggings. But, they are NOT and will NEVER be pants. Last year, I wrote on my tumblr about this phenomenon and since it is still unclear, I thought I'd remind us all of that post.

Dear Leggings Girl,
Although this title is pretty self-explanatory, I feel the need to express my frustration towards the misused leggings trend. Since the 80’s, leggings have been a symbol of comfort, a fashion staple that women, athletic or not, will be forever grateful for. It’s also a fashion staple that men have come to see as a gift from G-d brought down to this earth to give them a little peak of what women have to offer…or maybe more than just a peak. Back in the day, leggings were worn under giant sweaters or tunics. However, as women began to care less and less about showing off their assets, the hems progressively rose up to the waist, and leggings became pants. As a woman, I understand the comfort of the legging and embrace this trend, BUT only with tops that cover my backside.
There are certain parts of our body that should remain private, but have become overexposed due to the tight fit of the legging. These are parts of the body that nobody should see and yet, women are wearing crop tops with their leggings (why!). Whether you’re a size two or size 16, leggings should never be worn as pants, even if you have a model figure. Now, I’m not saying that you should never wear leggings. What I am saying is that you could save them for the gym or wear them the way they used to in the 80’s, under an oversized sweater. Men have a vivid imagination, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you still want the sexy look of the legging, there are alternatives. Nowadays, jeans are made with spandex and are almost as comfortable as leggings, so you get that same feeling without the overexposure. And, as a bonus, jeans are actually pants. Not to mention, black denim is a huge trend for fall. So, next time you feel like walking out the door in leggings, take a good look in the mirror first to make sure you aren’t showing off anything that shouldn’t be seen by the public and if you are, embrace the jeans and I promise that you won’t regret it.

This is what you look like to other people:

I know, I was disturbed too. So, please dear, cover yourself. 

Uncomfortable Commuter 

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