Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Wide Selection of Oversized Man Sweaters

Last November, I went on a rampage at Forever 21. Shuffling through the racks, I desperately searched for some bulky sweaters to keep my frail figure warm in Montreal's arctic winter. As I leaped from floor to floor, I grabbed anything and everything in sight that appeared heavy-weight and oversized, and upon trying them on, I zipped my way straight to the cash register. Slip went my credit card and I exited the store with a chubby yellow plastic bag filled with sweaters in rash inducing fabrics. But that didn't matter as long as I was reassured that I would stay warm.

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This particularly unpleasant winter has ignited goosebumps and frostbite across the globe. From New York to Montreal, fashionistas are struggling to stay chic without catching their death. As a petite girl, it's constantly a challenge to find form-fitting clothing to keep my proportions intact and avoid being swallowed whole by my outfit. When I bought that panoply of oversized sweaters, I threw my habitual style rules out the window and blamed it on the Olsen Twins. With their ineffable ability to layer and their penchant for the oversized, they've become my winter role models. I've decided to explore the realms of The Row and maybe learn to love it. I've also turned to sassy British models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn for some inspiration on how to dress "tomboy chic". The oversized sweater has saved my life and despite the two colds I acquired within the month of January, I'm on a mission to stay warm.

As a strut down the halls in my new larger than life sweaters, I am often asked why I don't highlight my curves a little more. All I have to say is: "Let that be a mystery". Fashion is about highlighting your assets, but it's also about comfort (despite popular belief). And by comfort, I am not merely referring to physical comfort, but to emotional comfort as well. There's something cozy and heart-warming about a massive sweater. Perhaps it makes us think of our fantasy boyfriends. Maybe it's just reminiscent of being tucked into our beds. Either way, the big sweater is full of magic and I just can't get enough.

Stay chic!


2 Days Until NYFW (World. Collapsing. Excitement. Mounting)

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