Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Fashion Week Rules

Yes, ladies. It's still winter. These endless months have not yet ceased and in the midst of New York Fashion Week, looking chic is not an easy feat. Though February contains the promise of spring, the risk of a snowstorm remains prominent and the temperatures continue to drop to frostbitten levels. As designer boots struggle to avoid getting splattered by dirt stained slush, fashionistas from across the globe gather in New York City faced with the challenge of looking their best in the worst possible circumstances. Here are some of the street style shots taken in the past few days that can teach us all a thing or two about layering and looking winter-chic.

First of all, it's crucial to layer up as much as humanly possible (if that weren't obvious enough) because frankly, who wants to wear a parka to Alexander Wang?
*Tip: Play with colourful scarves, unique fur pieces, and leather accents.

If you're still suffering the wrath of the cold, wrap that scarf around your head instead to keep your ears warm and bundle up like Mira Duma.

If you're classy wool coat still won't cut it, find a hot male supermodel to hold you close for body heat.

Or, indulge in a luxurious fur coat. After all, it's always a la mode and will definitely keep you warm!

If fur isn't your thing, learn from The Blond Salad blogger, Chiara Ferragni, and cosy up in a Louis Vuitton cape. It may not seem like it'll keep you warm, but it is the blanket's chic fashionable cousin.

If you've really given up or you happen to be a carefree fashion model like Soo Joo, let the snow be your fashion accessory for the photographers to capture that candid moment.

Or, break all New York Fashion Week rules, be a rebel, and wear some chunky Sorel boots with your Junya Watanabe ensemble. A punchy turquoise handbag, a printed floor-length coat, and a black floppy hat with those Sorels, will definitely turn heads.

Alas, even if you are unable to partake in New York Fashion Week because you have not attained that level of cool just yet or live halfway across the world and it surpasses your budget, have no fear. When the day finally comes, you will be prepared. And if these women can pull off looking this good in the winter, why can't you?


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