Monday, February 3, 2014

What Your Handbag Says About You

If you've been searching for a mildly humorous and slightly invented description of your handbag personality, you're reached your destination and you can park your mind right here. Whether a fashionista or just any woman, our handbags are everything because they contains our entire world while making a statement about who we are. There is reason we are all obsessed with our purses and consider them to be an investment towards identity formation. We all need a great handbag to store our belongings because it's the wrapping paper to our heart and soul. You don't want some used tissue and a paper bag to hold your soul now do you? So here goes nothing:

This Celine bag is for the practical and structured woman with a highly diversified selection of pastimes. A high class fashionista, she needs this classic designer bag to invoke status and composure during Fashion Week and the multiple events on her calendar. She isn't flashy nor is she extravagant, but merely a sophisticated girl with a busy life to boot.

A girl who carries a label-splattered Michael Kors tote definitely wants to be recognized within the fashion community. As one of the most well-renowned fashion brands across the world, Michael Kors implies status and a higher level of chic than the average passerby. A Michael Kors girl is slightly sporty, but still keeps her femininity intact through her classy handbag. She cares a lot about how others perceive her and lives for trends.

The Longchamps girl is aware of brands, but has a completely effortless sense of style. She may be slightly more spontaneous and Pele-Mele in her every day life, but she captures that French non-chalance that is almost impossible to imitate. Her life is a panoply of scattered thoughts, demonstrated through the items inside her purse. Nothing makes sense, but it's her own comfortable mess that makes her unique as an individual.

THE TORY BURCH Cross Body Messenger Bag
The Tory Burch girl is a little sporty and hasn't a worry in the world. Her motto is: Hakuna Matata, Fashionista and she wears it across her shoulder in the form of a casual cross-body. She's a hipster who loves herself a flowy skirt that flares in the breezy summer days. She's flirtatious, but ultimately, she's just one of the guys.

No matter what shape or size, all Chanel girls have one thing in common: class. For this girl, there's nothing more important than her handbag. She could be dressed entirely in H&M, but her Chanel purse is all that matters to signify status. She's very blunt and direct with a slightly sarcastic sense of humor, but in the end, she means well and values leadership. When she has a goal, she sticks to it. And knowing her, she has many aspirations buried inside her purse.

And if you didn't fall under any of these categories, perhaps you are a trendsetter and opt for something a little more transparent, in lego form, or with a touch of fur like Fendi's baguette. Maybe your handbag is just an afterthought to your oh-so-glamorous outfit. Perhaps you haven't quite find yourself just yet. It takes a while for us to find ourselves within the depths of our purses, but eventually, it completes us in every way, shape, and form.

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