Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your Summer Shoe Guide

Never heard that one before...

I know this is a caption you've seen in every fashion or lifestyle magazine on the planet from Elle to Flare to InStyle. Generally, this title is followed by a series of options for shoes you absolutely HAVE TO buy. I promise you, this one will be different.

Every summer, we find ourselves yearning to shop at every passing moment. This urge makes us ignore our bank accounts and omit the word "budget" from our vocabulary. In fact, there should be a rehab for summer shoppers who can't resist the bold colours sparkling in the windows of their favourite stores.

How do we quench that thirst, scratch that itch, satisfy that burning desire? Can it even be done? Can we resist those summer shoes that are calling our name? Lord knows there are enough excuses and justifications to last us a lifetime. "No room in my closet" doesn't seem to work.

The key is to establish some ground rules. A number. Let's pick five. If you had to choose five pairs of shoes for the summer, which would you pick? This may sound daunting to the average fashionista, but I've made it my duty to simplify this task for you.

Here are the five shoes you MUST HAVE this summer:

A Nude Wedge
I know that your tendency deviates towards black, but this summer, it is essential that you purchase this style in nude. Wedges are a godsend. You will live, shop, and party in them. Get yourself a pair of magical goes-with-everything nude wedges and your life will become significantly easier.
via Who What Wear
Classic Flats
This season, the trendiest flat on the block is the pointy toe D'Orsay flat. I'm not a huge fan, so I decided to go for the traditional round toe. Keep it safe in a traditional black pair or go wild with some colour blocking. Whichever you choose, this one is definitely a must.
via Lolobu
An Open-Toe Stiletto
Your every party need will be settled with this pair of stilettos. I would suggest nude, black, or tan if you must pick just one. Otherwise, choose something in a wild print. Everyone will be staring at your shoes!
via Lolobu
Every-Day Sandals
These will be your go-to flats when you want to show off that pedicure on the streets. These absolutely SHOULD be trendy because they will probably only last one season and that's OKAY. Go wild with this one. Gladiators are preferred.
via thefashiontag.wordpress.com
The White Sneaker
The white sneaker is the new black (ironically). Everyone from Man Repeller's Leandra Medine to Rihanna swears by them. Naturally, we've all been racing to the stores just to be as cool as they are. Your white sneaker is the perfect daytime look when you're feeling sporty and heels ain't going to cut it. Wedge optional.
via lovelybylucy.com
Now, I cannot control your shoe purchasing habits, but I can encourage you to take this list as your conscience when you walk into a store. 

Happy Shopping!


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