Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chic Marie Makes Dreams Come True

Every year, awards season sweeps us off our feet with elegant dresses worn by our favourite celebrities by designers like Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, and Naeem Khan. Ever since I was a little girl, before I even understood the meaning of fashion, I've been fantasizing about walking down that Red Carpet in a stunning gown that would make it onto everyone's best-dressed lists. At 6, I would watch Cinderella and wish I could pull off that chic baby blue gown because inevitably, it would bring me my Prince Charming.

Chic Marie is about to make that dream come true.

I spoke to Marie-Philip Simard, co-founder of Chic Marie, and she gave me the scoop on her new startup dress, suit, and accessories rental business.

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Marie-Philip Simard is a girl just like you and me. She simply didn't drink the fashion juice that made its way into my diet, but rather, followed her brains and became a lawyer. After finishing her studies at Universite de Montreal, she currently works at the law firm, Fasken Martineau. For the past year and a half, she's been attending glamorous charity events with simply one worry in mind.

What am I going to wear?

A month ago, she managed to answer that question (sometimes it takes that long). After searching the closets of her mind and speaking to various people in her surroundings, she teamed up with Philip Rivard and together they came up with Chic Marie, the solution to your evening affairs and the product of all your Oscar fantasies.

According to Marie-Philip, "some company in New York was doing it. They weren't shipping in Canada. That's why I decided to push this idea with men and women."

Hear that, Canadians? We're about the become the coolest kids on the block.

After joining the Founders Institute Incubator, they began building their own team of stylists to put together a dress rental website that would fulfill the needs of every business professional. Not the most fashionably inclined? Neither was she. Lucky for you, these stylists will put together three looks to suit your needs and all you have to do is present your measurements on an avatar of yourself and await the dress of your dreams.

"We wanted to democratize fashion, she said, people cannot afford these kinds of things. People want to look good. It's important to look good at a big evening. You can be Cinderella for a night."

And isn't that what we all really want?

With names like Harry Rosen, Birks, Tiffanys, Marie St. Pierre, Denis Gagnon, Hugo Boss, BCBG, and Louboutin being name dropped as potential suitors, we're all well on our way to falling in love. The best part? The dresses will be available to rent for 10% of the buying price! Moreover, shipping, returns, and cleaning will be free. I don't know about you, but I'm already drooling.

What lies ahead for this power team?

"Once we have an agreement with designers, they have warehouses all over the world. Technically we can transfer to London, Paris, San Francisco," said Simard.

For now, Montrealers get the insiders privilege of accessing this service. Chic Marie plans on shipping to Toronto and Boston as well. Mark your calendars, ladies and gents. On Sept. 1st, you'll stop asking yourself "what am I going to wear?" because Chic Marie will have the answer for you.

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