Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Basic T-Shirts Are Underrated

Hello Darlings,

I've fallen deeply and passionately in love with the t-shirt. We met when I was just a young girl and at the time, I didn't notice its value. I merely wore it because I didn't know what else to wear. As I grew older, I got sick of the basic t-shirt and decided to opt for the prettier blouse. It was much more appealing to a more mature me that had grown out of simple basics that reminded me of nights at the movies as a pre-teen. After a while, I noticed that the blouse lacked what the t-shirt had: comfort. As I've become an adult, my feelings for the t-shirt have resurfaced and while I continue to inspire myself with extravagant fashions, I still remain loyal to my trusty tee. 

Here are ten ways to wear the basic t-shirt that will make you fall in love just as I have.

Number 10
With a pencil skirt
For the chic fashion girl working at Vogue.
Number 9
With a blazer
For the sophisticated chick headed to a job interview.
Number 8
With cutoffs
For the festival goer.
Number 7
With skinny jeans
For the relaxed girl.
Number 6
With a maxi skirt
For the feminine princess.
Number 5
As a dress
For the daring diva.
Number 4
With a midi skirt
For the edgy lady.

Number 3
With a vest
For the trendsetter.
via WhoWhatWear
Number 2
With overalls
For the country girl.

Number 1
With a plaid shirt
For the 90s girl.
And that, my friends, is why the person who invented the basic t-shirt was a genius. All hail.


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