Monday, June 16, 2014

Why (Some) Award Shows Just Grind My Gears

Corny talk-show hosts, cheesy one-liners, awkward speeches, screaming teenagers, and a couple of Kardashians. Not exactly my sugar and spice. Stir that cauldron and you get last night's MMVA's.

And who did Canada select as co-hostesses? Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

via The Examiner
First of all, I can hardly imagine how they could possibly think that Kendall would make a good hostess after she publicly announced that she couldn't read (or properly announce an artist).

Model? Perhaps. But that does not a hostess make.

Clearly, this was just another call for attention as the other Kardashians are getting too old for this kind of thing and these two are the new fashionistas du jour. Unfortunately for Kylie, Kendall's appearance at the Marc Jacobs and Chanel shows make her far more popular than her sister, but who's counting?

Of course, Kendall shows up in a Fausto Puglisi dress with slits so high, she had Miley running for her money. In stark contrast with her beloved sister, Kylie showed up wearing a bedazzled orange Nicholas Jebran mini dress. She has really pretty hair.

After 5 minutes of listening to some obscure teeny bopper artist I've never heard of perform onstage in Toronto, I had to shut off the T.V. Maybe if I would've kept it on a little longer, I may have enjoyed the show, but the thought of Kendall and Kylie all night long was making my arm hair curl.

So why do we still watch award shows? Do we secretly wish we could show up in something outrageous and lavish for one night in a room full of other lavish and outrageous individuals? Do we just want to sit and judge with a bowl of popcorn? Are we simply waiting for someone to blunder so we can mock these socially superior beings the very next day?

I remember being a 12 year old girl, anxiously anticipating the MMVA's. I remember racing to that couch, snack in hand, staring at every celebrity as they walked down that red carpet in my homeland. I remember fantasizing about heading to Toronto for the show (only six hours away from home).

Today, I find myself struggling to stay interested. I'm not sure if it used to be more entertaining or if I'm just plain growing up. Perhaps you can call me during the Oscars or the Grammys. Or don't. I'll probably be too busy tweeting them to death. Hopefully, a Kardashian won't be hosting.

Sorry, Canada. Better luck next time.



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