Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Riri's Breasts Are Talk of the Town

Rihanna won the Fashion Icon Award at the CFDAs. Naturally, she had to prove herself as a deserving candidate by bearing her breasts in a sheer fishnet Adam Selman gown with matching gloves and hairnet. It was a moment that will go down in history and it has marked her as the Madonna of current decade. While this isn't the first time Rihanna flashes her breasts, somehow it crossed the threshhold of appropriate award show attire. Personally, I think the fur stole stole the show, but in the battle between breasts and stole, breasts always win.

Though Rihanna has always revealed her bold fashion sense with striking haircuts, sexy deep V dresses, and sport chic ensembles, this one takes the cake. Flooding the Twittersphere, the blogosphere, and everyone's Facebook newsfeed, this look is all anyone is talking about. Forget Kimye's wedding, Rihanna proudly flashed the entire fashion industry and well, the world.

CFDA Fashion Awards 2014
via People Stylewatch
Do we approve? Some would say it was vulgar and distasteful. Others would say it was #forthesakeoffashion. Rihanna probably doesn't care though, so what we think is hardly relevant.

Was she doing it to prove a point or just because? Perhaps she was just being Rihanna and this is what Rihanna does.  Is she just trying to outdo Miley? Has she taken her rebel image too far? Was it merely a further call for attention? Did she just really like the dress and it happened to be transparent?

OR let us ponder the real question at hand. Would you do it?

I'd say, probably not.

But perhaps that's why she's the one getting the fashion award and not you. Maybe bearing your breasts is all it takes to capture everyone's attention.

Think about it.


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