Sunday, January 5, 2014

Which Metal Are You: Gold Or Silver?

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There's this unwritten rule in the fashion world that requires you to pick a team: Team Gold or Team Silver. Why? What if I can't choose? What if I want to be Switzerland? Sometimes, it's just too darn difficult to choose between the two! How can we be expected to make these kind of rash decisions when our mood swings are the real dictators? For a while, I thought I was a golden girl because I was going through a glam phase and couldn't resist the regality of it all. And suddenly, I began to crave silver (talk about an identity crisis). Maybe it was due to the punk movement that resurfaced and my growing obsession with Saint Laurent Paris. I can't quite pinpoint how this occurred, but I've found myself torn between two lovers.

As a class A fashion rule breaker, I decided to mix it up (based on my mood of course). Frankly, I believe that each of these metals has its own personality and don't even get me started on hematite. To help you figure out what team you fall under, I've concocted my own metal horoscopes. If your personality is a mix of the two, I'm proud to say that we float in the same boat. Good luck!

A silver girl has more attitude than you can handle and a powerful attraction to punk chic. You love your glitz and shine, but you remain subtle in your choices. You may not be a loud individual, but you're a classy gal with a sharp sense of wit. You like your jewelry delicate and timeless, but your outfits are dark and sophisticated. Don't mess with this bitch.


Nobody is more glamorous than a golden girl. You own every room you step into and can't resist a loud print or a sparkling sequin. Your open personality makes you the life of every party and you tend to make friends easily because of your daring attitude. You're on top of every jewelry trend and your favourite look is the little black dress with a whole lot of accessorizing. Nothing will stop you from being on top of the world.

I may have pulled these "metalscopes" out of my ass, but that's mostly because I don't believe in rigid rules (or horoscopes for that matter). Metals are made to be mixed and assorted. If there's one rule you should take from all this, it's that one.



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