Monday, January 20, 2014

The Magical World of Couture

Back in its early beginnings, fashion existed solely as couture. Every dress was intricately woven and sewn in a detailed manner for the aristocratic woman whose lifestyle consisted of parties and extravagance. Oh, how I long for that time. Today, casual dress is the norm and thus, we must settle for ready-to-wear and fast fashion. Couture has become a mere fantasy meant to be a runway spectacle. Fashionistas dream of swaying in these beautiful creations, while others ignore its value. I land in the first camp. Couture is an art form beyond a painting or sculpture. It is fabric in its best form. It's my obsession. Every day, I await that magical moment where the Couture shows will hit and my mind can wander off to Narnia, a hidden world in the depths of my closet that I can only dream about. Today, that moment happened.

The fantasy began with Atelier Versace, maintaining its timeless sex appeal with form hugging dresses and monochrome suits adorned in sparkle. From luscious furs to luxurious flowing fabrics and eye-teasing gowns, "I dream of Jeannie" came to mind. Let's not forget the dramatic touch of the head-piece that added a little mystery to this glamorous woman we all aspire to be. It was all so very Donatella.

Atelier Versace Spring 2014 Couture
And then, the magic of Schiaparelli came alive in a tribute to her beautiful collections by Creative Director Marco Zanini. With a little androgyny and some ambiguous gender dressing, he took us across the globe on his magic carpet by inspiring himself from cultural dress. And if you thought Versace's headpieces were wild, wait until you take a look at these. You know magic is being made when your hair becomes a centrepiece and your mind is transported to unlikely places. It was whimsical, fantastical, and theatrical simultaneously.

Schiaparelli Spring 2014 Couture

From theatre to classic romanticism, we all drifted into the world of Dior as gorgeous eyelet pieces in angelic white draped off the bodies of serene models. The resounding theme seemed to be the trickery of the eye as these designers played with gaps on these stunning dresses with illusory designs. Raf Simons consistently brings classic feminism to the table, but with modern flair and printed pleasures. His collections for Dior invite us to escape reality. Dior makes us want to fall in love.

Dior Spring 2014 Couture
Ladies, this is just the beginning. Couture is a way for us to survive the endless days preceding fashion month. It starts here. With a dream. A fantasy. A world outside of our own dull reality. Isn't it magical?

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