Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From Menswear To My Closet: It's An Art, Really

Hey GUYS (folks, individuals, fashion friends, average Joes, awkward turtles),

It's Wednesday (almost Thursday) and the week is coming to a dear and long-awaited close. Before that happens, let's talk about my current style mood (because it's super relevant to your every day lives). I'd like to begin by saying that growing up, I was that little girl with a permanent smile etched on her face until her cheeks hurt as she stared at her reflection in the mirror wearing a bright orange. I'm the girliest girl since Barbie herself, but I've stumbled across a phase I never thought I'd experience. I landed in the men's section. Literally.

The other day, I was shuffling through the racks at Simons. Suddenly, I was caught off guard by a feeling of desire pulling me towards the men's section. No, it was not an actual man that attracted my attention, but an oversized Ineedtohaveyou sweater. Then, I envisioned it with leather leggings and heals. It painted a very intriguing picture.

As designers embrace androgyny as their favourite child, I've adapted it to my expired bubblegum personality (interpret that phrase as you wish). My story goes like this...

Once upon a time, I was walking the halls at school, when I noticed something about young adult males. Whether athletic or hipster (or anything in between), baseball caps are (for lack of a better word) the shit. And then I noticed something else. Women NEVER seem to wear them. Perhaps the rare tomboy will be spotted with a baseball cap on her head to match her sports jersey of a team I've never heard of (but even then, it's an infrequent occurrence).  Obviously, this had to change. I had to step out of the norm and the result was the following. I purchased a baseball cap in faux cuir of course (that's leather in French, the language of fashion) and it became my uniform for 2 solid weeks. When I bought that hat, I received compliments from the most unlikely sources and that's when I knew it was a success. If I could've, I would've slept with it (like a clingy cuddly hooker). Though I elude the realms of masculinity, I love to transgress in my own unique way. The faux leather makes this hat infinitely chic and untraditionally masculine, just how I like it.

From that point forward, I realized that I had discovered a new me. An edgier me. And new definition for androgynous. Here are a few ideas to explore if you want to master this look:

1) Pencil skirts with sneakers (undeniably cool):
2) Graphic Tee with full midi skirt:
3) A skirt/dress with a bow tie:
4) An oversized sweater with wedge sneakers:
5) Baggy pants with stilettos:
The list can go on endlessly if you know how to innovate, but the one thing to take from this is that no matter how masculine the item, if you combine it with something feminine (i.e a pair of high heels), you'll be the queen of androgyny. That's how it's done.


22 Days Until NYFW

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