Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lena Dunham and Vogue: Shit Just Got Real

It has officially been confirmed, ladies and gents. Lena Freaking Dunham will be covering February Vogue (Yes, that is her middle name as I know it). Let's take a moment to process how AWESOME this is.

Now, remember when I spoke about Cate Blanchett covering Vogue (view here)? Well, this is a whole new ball game. For multiple reasons, Lena Dunham is an icon who fully merits this controversial Vogue cover. I use the word "controversial" because that is unfortunately how this has been viewed. Unlike other fashion magazines, Vogue covers do not merely display celebrities and models, but fashion icons. As a brilliant young writer with balls like you've never seen before, Lena Dunham definitely deserves icon status. Though her sense of style does not generally get her on anyone's best dressed lists, she stays true to herself and that is what earns her icon status (and thankfully, she'll be dressed by a stylish for her shoot).

I think that the best part of this news is the imaginary conversations I've replayed in my mind between Anna Wintour and Lena Dunham. The scenarios are endless.

So, congratulations to Dunham (hopefully it won't just be a beauty shot) and to Anna Wintour for making a whole new statement for Vogue.

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