Friday, January 17, 2014

#IconCity: Trend It Like Beckham

For those of you who don't know, IconCity is a fantasy realm inside my mind in which all my fashion icons gather together to look fabulous. I invented it in order to keep tabs on celebrity and blogger styles that I unabashedly adore. This is a new segment of MyFashionStatements that I have chosen to explore to give readers a broader picture of the women (or men) who inspire my fashion choices. As I select some of my own favourite outfits, you are all invited to judge, debate, or concur on these memorable looks. And I can think of no better way to begin than with my number one, Victoria Beckham.

Though previously known as Posh spice, she blossomed into a designer with two lines, Victoria Beckham and Victoria, Victoria Beckham, that continue to adorn the runways at New York Fashion Week. Her signature haircut created a domino effect as it rippled down to celebrities such as Rihanna and Jessica Stroup. Always chic and infinitely sophisticated, Victoria Beckham can do no wrong and is one of the most emulated fashionistas in the industry. Have you ever seen this woman badly dressed? No, you haven't, because it has never occurred. Here are some of her best looks:

If you search the word classy in your pocket dictionary, you'll find Victoria's name written beneath it. She effortlessly masters black and white chic with a gorgeous studded handbag and manages to make it look incredibly put together as she roams the busy streets of New York. Yes, this woman has four children and still, ALWAYS looks put together. A marvel I shall never understand.

Only a true fashion queen can pull off a fur this grandiose. Of course, the glamorous look would be incomplete without those stunning Louboutin booties. 

Victoria dresses in her own designs as any designer of her caliber would. This bold tangerine suit is one of the most memorable pieces of her Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It's classy with a sassy punch of colour. Exactly how I like it.

As per Victoria style, the designer is decked entirely in black, giving her that edge none of us can get enough of. This Balenciaga belted dress is chic without trying too hard and those Lanvin wedges are TO DIE FOR. Anyone else fantasizing about those landing at their doorstep? I know I am.

And finally, let's all reminisce about that gorgeous haircut from 2011 that we've all been dying to imitate, but haven't had the balls to do so. This look is the image of an expensive diva who won't let you mess with her. However, contrary to popular belief, Victoria is actually a sweetheart. Saying "Everyone thinks I'm a cow - I get it, because I think the same when I see the pictures", she warms our hearts by recognizing her own signature pouty face as falsely indicative of an unpleasant personality. If you've ever seen an interview of Victoria Beckham, you'll know that she is probably the furthest thing from a cow (in all senses).

I'd like to end this piece with a quote that defines my own personal life and style:
"I can't concentrate in flats" - Victoria Beckham. Oh Victoria, I think it's time we meet.

Hasta la vista,


20 Days Until NYFW

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