Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why We're All Obsessed With Award Season

There's a mutual consensus amongst Canadians that January is the dreariest month of the year. Christmas spirit is drifting away, all of our money has been spent, temperatures are at arctic levels, and daylight is fleeting. The only salvation we can strive for resides in our fantasies and there is nothing that rings "fantasy" more than awards season.

As we began with the Golden Globes last Sunday, everyone awaited anxiously on Twitter (in the comfort of their homes) for the hour to commence. Countdowns began and snack preparations were made as we eagerly anticipated that glorious Red Carpet. It started with a bang as the first scandal of the year hit the social media spheres. The carpet was flooded by the sprinkler system. Alas, with the magic of Hollywood, the evening was salvaged and beautiful celebrities adorned in designer gowns materialized. Whispers of "That dress is fabulous. I'm obsessed" and "Who killed a banana and put it on her?" were exchanged between fashionistas, TV personalities, bloggers, and common folk alike. The excitement was palpable (as a taste of the Oscars stimulated our tongues). 

And then, last night, the SAG awards took place and once again, celebrities in beautiful dresses took us by storm. From Lupita N'Yongo in stunning turquoise Gucci to Amy Adams in a striking cobalt Antonio Berardi, the Screen Actors Guild Awards gave us all yet another reason to sigh, marvel, and judge. Isn't that what we all do best? 

The question is: why do we all love rating celebrity gowns so much? Why do we all spend hours watching these tedious award shows simply to discuss who's wearing who and whether it's worthy of our own personal best-dressed lists? Why are we all so intent on constructing the most convoluted metaphors to describe our least favourite gowns? Is it due to an obsession with playing celebrity stylist? Or, are we simply incurably bored? 

I, for one, am guilty of being addicted to ferociously checking every best-dressed list possible in order to concoct my own and read the judgments of others. There is something about rating celebrity gowns that makes us feel connected to our favourite celebrities (and gives me the tingles). Maybe we even proceed to imagine ourselves in one of these dresses strutting down the Red Carpet with a poised pout for all the world to judge. Don't deny it. There's nothing like a fantasy to get us through January, right?

Happy Sunday!


P.S Don't miss Oscar Sunday, hosted by Ellen Degeneres on March 2nd!

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