Friday, January 31, 2014

#IconCity: It Really Is A Brad World

You might know him from his former collaboration with celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe (I really hope they eventually kiss and make up). Perhaps you're familiar with his signature bow tie, hipster glasses, and vibrant use of colours in his day to day? Maybe you've heard of his show, "It's a Brad Brad World", in which we get a peak at all things Brad, including his impeccable style with regards to menswear and womenswear?

Brad Goreski has crossed the gates of IconCity because of one simple thing: his style is freaking fabulous (and also makes me wish I were a man). As someone who is not afraid to experiment with colours, he is a fearless fashion icon who will consistently stop you in your tracks. Are you ready for a general overview?

Excuse me, I'm too cool for pictures.
Caught in the spotlight with his classic bow tie, Brad is absolutely effortless in these white pants and a bold yellow shirt. Frankly, I'm obsessed.

Tommy Ton action shot
How many men have you met who can pull off this flamboyant combination of colours without looking like a clown? None. And Brad absolutely kills it. Until this very day, I never would've imagined anyone in yellow pants. Hashtag trendsetter.

I'm feeling orange
In case you were feeling a little orange today, why not wear it? This is monochrome chic at its best and doesn't even scream pumpkin (much). How does he manage it? Magical powers.

Red, red wine.
As Bill Blass once said: "When in doubt, wear red" and Brad is definitely an advocate for that saying. A traditional man would go for the black Hugo Boss, but Brad is not the traditional man. Opting for a bold red, I think it's safe to say that this man can pull off any colour, so why restrict oneself to black?

I spot a sequin!
Any man who can pull off a sequin deserves a trophy in my book. This is just plain awesome. If you're going to go for basic black, better add some texture, right?

As you can see, Brad is just every flavour of lollipop and we all want a taste. In Brad's world, we don't discriminate between colours. That's how it's done.

Catch you later!


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