Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Category Do YOU Fall Under?

As a fashion blogger, the first question people tend to ask is: "how would you define your own personal style?". Well, according to the Oxford English dictionary, the word "personal" is defined as "having to do with or belonging to a particular person" and the word "style" is defined as "a distinctive appearance, design, or arrangement". Oh, was that not the answer you were looking for?

Asking me to place my own personal style into a category is like demanding a woman to give up her high heels. It just won't happen. We all strive to belong and achieve acceptance, but should that extend to our manner of dress? Is it crucial that all my friends dress the same if we want to be part of the same circle? To what extent are we attached to our labels? Pun intended.

Personally, I have an affinity for plaid. Does that make me part of the punk movement? If you saw me, you'd scoff at that suggestion. I also enjoy wearing a baseball cap every now and then, but that doesn't qualify me as a male, does it? Must I be restricted by these categories when dressing? What if I love skirts and bows, but that pair of sneakers is itching to make its way onto my feet? Does that make me a tomboy or a "girly girl"? Or is it tomboy chic? Have we reached a point in which all categories of dress must have their own label?

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Ask yourself this: have you ever walked across the hall and stumbled upon an individual in large rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, and a sweater vest? Following this encounter, did you catch yourself saying "what a hipster"? Don't deny it. We've all been there. Every day, as we walk down the street and encounter a wide array of individuals in stereotypical dress, we place them in a category. It's human nature. After all, they need to belong somewhere, don't they?

So, what if we decided to break the rules? What if I told you I wanted to wear baggy pants with a bow in my hair and stilettos? What if I wore a band t-shirt with a full midi skirt and some faux fur? How would you define my style then? Eclectic? Daring? Classy, androgynous, feminine, masculine chic? Maybe there aren't enough adjectives to create a category? Perhaps the difference between a trendsetter and a trend follower is that a trendsetter is their own category. Undefined.



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