Sunday, December 22, 2013

What's In A Name? Tis Everything.

Dearest reader,

I'd like to wish you a happy second day of Winter and hope that you've had a lovely weekend. Regrettably, I found myself quite preoccupied on Saturday to such a degree that I was unable to post an intriguing piece of work for my beloved readers to ponder with their morning coffee. For that, I offer my deepest apologies. I am uncertain as to why I've adopted a rather archaic tone of voice, but let's "just go with it", shall we?

What is on the agenda for this evening, you may ask? Today, I have decided to address an issue which ails us all due to our constant need to assert our importance within the grander society. I am referring to the human obsession with the latest coveted item on the rack comprising a conspicuously well-established label.

Alas, we are all victims of brand addiction. You and I, along with the lady down the street, have stumbled into the brand trap, never to escape it. As we are all aware, status is everything, and thus, exposing one's wealth or a simulation of one's wealth is crucial to being admitted into the fashion elite. Whether tis a Michael Kors Hamilton Bag or Hermes Birkin, the ownership of one of these accessories places one in a higher class of human being. This is a well-established fact. Must we love the design and craftsmanship? It is not the priority. Rather, if all the ladies in your social surroundings have one, it is undeniable that it shall be an excellent purchase. One simply DOES NOT carry a brand-less handbag, for she would be the talk of the town and gossip runs rampant in these parts. It simply CANNOT be done.

Seeing as your attire indicates your classification in the social sphere, I advise you not to neglect it. Is it necessary to spend an extra few hundred dollars on a Burberry trend coat? Not particularly. However, you do not want to find yourself in the lower echelons of society, now do you? What's a few hundred dollars if it implies immediate status recognition?



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