Sunday, December 15, 2013

Have You Heard About Beyonce Being Queen of the World?

Happy Snowy Sunday!

Maybe it's the abundance of snow or perhaps it's the ridiculously cold weather, but my day hasn't been the greatest. The only thing cheering me up is Beyonce's new album, which if you disappeared off the planet on Friday, flabbergasted the twitter-sphere. At first, I thought everyone was overreacting. Then, I thought she was trying to get back at Taylor Swift by releasing a surprise album on her birthday (Happy 24th Birthday T-Swift! Can't wait for the new song about being 24!). Now, I've always liked Beyonce and I was definitely a Destiny's Child girl back in the 90s, but she's been outshining Kelly Rowland for far too long and I always go for the underdog. To top it all off, her album is self-titled which highlights her vanity. However, due to all the hype, I decided to listen to a little bit of this and a little bit of that, only to realize she came out with 17 videos and a list of killer girl power songs. SO, essentially her entire album is my new jam. Final words of advice? Go listen to it. All hail Queen Bey.



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