Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Is Just Another Excuse To Go Shopping

I woke up this morning and shuffled through my wardrobe to figure out what outfit would suit my current mood only to get swallowed up by an array of sweatshirts and jeans (we've all suffered through THAT experience). The following discovery was made: I have absolutely nothing to wear for New Years. The panic set in at the thought that I'd be wearing something "old" for New Years. Isn't what you wear on New Years meant to represent how amazing your year will be? I mean, it must be bad luck to recycle an old outfit upon the commencement of a new year, right? Like a tsunami, these thoughts came rushing through my head and in a frenzy, I experienced that lightbulb moment. I HAD to go shopping.

As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I always get a thrill at the thought of purchasing something new (who doesn't?). As a result, I tend to search for every possible excuse to shop. If it's not New Years, it's my birthday. If it's not my birthday, it's my best friend's birthday. And if it's not my best friend's birthday, well, it's just the start of a new season and I NEED new clothes (obviously). Or do I? Am I just looking for excuses or do I really need something new? Is there a reason why I have an unnatural amount of unworn dresses in my wardrobe? Am I insane? Are we all insane? Are we all shopaholics? What's a "good" reason to shop? Are we all just being sucked into this massive consumerist hole, never to resurface?

All these questions are merely meant for you to question your choices when you shop. Do I really love this top or do I just want something to buy? Will I love it in 3 weeks? We all need to make smarter shopping decisions because I haven't met one person who hasn't had a single regret after a mindless purchase. Does this shirt really fit me just right or is it a little too broad on the shoulders? Will I really wear this? Do these shoes ACTUALLY fit or am I just too blinded by love? World knows I've fallen in love one too many times!

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38 Days Until NYFW

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