Sunday, December 29, 2013

Are We Over The Crop Top Or Is It Just Getting Started?

We all suspected that the 90s would make a comeback when boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted began to surface (and we all realized how much we missed N'Sync and BSB). It was only a matter of time before our nostalgia leaked onto the streets in the form of crop tops, acid wash jeans, and overalls. Several years ago, we all would have gagged at the thought of a 90s resurgence, but today, in the last few days of 2013, we are all STILL obsessed.

I've intentionally chosen to make these great generalizations because I've recently noticed that crop tops are not just a phase. The trend seems to be growing at an exponential rate (only a minor exaggeration)! From hipsters to fashionistas, they are absolutely EVERYWHERE. This summer, it was all about the flimsy loose crop top with a pair of high waisted jean shorts. Now? We're opting for a classier look with fur coats and dark-washed denim. And somehow, after about 6 months, I STILL can't really decide how I feel about this trend.

When I first noticed the growing popularity of the crop top, I scoffed and said that I would never expose my midriff (so trashy). Somehow, I landed in a store with a crop top on, unable to resist passing that credit card. What (Yes, I somehow managed to confuse myself)? Did I get influenced by the stream of crop tops in Elle and Harper's Bazaar? Or did all those young street style teen queens finally have an effect on me? Maybe I was experiencing a little bit of 90s nostalgia myself. Whatever it was, I got hooked. Today, I own two. Tomorrow, who knows? 2014 crop tops look promising, but will I be SO over it? With fashion month approaching, we'll see what new inspiration my favourite designers will bring!

Happy Sunday!


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