Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen, and Fashionistas

Once upon a time, I had a runway blog and my sole purpose was to critique catwalk fashion. It didn't work out between us, and well, we parted ways. And so, I decided to take my beloved and take it to Blogger for a fresh new accessible and readable look. Big day for me. Rather than focusing on the lovely inspirational images that I find on other tumblr blogs, I've decided to nurture my writing and delve deeply into my fashion personality (separate from my actual personality, so don't get them confused). If you're patient enough to read some lines, I'll be posting some interesting fashion ideas that can raise questions and ALAS, make statements. Get ready because it's going to be MAJOR. And funny. No promises though. But you'll probably laugh. Probably. If you're not that into fashion, this may not be the place for you, but I don't think this state of being exists. And no, I am not delusional. I just believe that everyone wears clothes and therefore, fashion is relevant to ALL of us. What you look like is a clear reflection of who you are, so don't half-ass it. And with those wise words, I'll leave you.


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