Thursday, December 26, 2013

Everybody's Talking About Boxing Day, Otherwise Known As Retail Therapy

Today is Boxing Day. What the hell does that mean, one may ask? Does it imply that we must box our way through the crowds to get at the sales? NO. Are the prices getting "boxed" down? NO. According to our reliable Wikipedia, on the day after Christmas, servants and the tradesmen would receive gifts from their employers called "Christmas Box". In other words, boxing day was created for the peasants, just like us! We finally get the prices to go down to a level that better suits our wallets and in exchange, we are compared to the servants of the rich (small price to pay). It is the one day that we probably spend more money that ANY other day of the year (you must admit that it reminds you of a poor child on a binge). Therefore, I would deduce that this comparison is quite accurate.

What is boxing day according to me? A safety hazard. A ploy. A money trap. A day to shower ourselves with gifts after we've spent all of our money on others. Self-indulgent. An excuse to shop. At least, in modern society, this is the definition we've officially accepted. It's a time to get trampled, NOT try anything on due to long lineups, and return our items the very next day. It is irrational and frankly, animalistic. There is no rhyme or reason to boxing day, just desire that drives us through those crowds. It's the jungle. It looks a little something like THIS.

The reality is: boxing day is actually just retail therapy. We're all a little down after Christmas ends (even for those who don't celebrate this holiday, it's still Winter). For about 2 months, we've been anticipating this day spent with the family in which we can indulge in an elaborate meal, receive lavish gifts (or just regular ones), listen to all our favourite Christmas songs, and be merry. When it all ends, to avoid depression, we simply have a day in which we shop until we drop (literally). Let's call it retail therapy, because this is the one day a year that EVERYONE needs it.

Good Luck Shopping!


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