Friday, December 13, 2013

Hi, My Name is Bella and I'm An Essieholic


I'm officially done exams for the semester and my biggest problem has now become what colour I want to paint my nails. This may sound banal, when you have an addiction as grave as mine, it's quite stressful. Sometimes you're just feeling moody and Devil's Advocate is absolutely perfect. On occasion, you become a classic lady and Fiji comes to mind. When I'm feeling a little wild, I go for Butler Please. Oh, I'm sorry. Did that confuse you? I only speak Essie. 

When it comes to my nail polish, I'm a loyal Essie follower and every shade matters. This does not make me insane. Other women suffer from the same ailment. It becomes a serious problem when your favourite nail polish brand comes out with a new collection every season and a whole new world of colours surfaces. I'm the type of girl who can't just stick to one colour due to my vivacious mood swings. One rule though: I rarely wear red. Call me feminist, but it's so traditional, I'm yawning as I talk about it. I'm definitely in the 50 shades of blue. It's usually quite a process to select one because you need to make sure it suits your complexion perfectly and that you don't choose the wrong shade. Occasionally, you pick something a tad streaky and regret your decision. Nail polish colour is everything and in Essieland, shade is everything. Here are some of my personal favourites and with these, you can't go wrong:

1) Devil's Advocate

2) Fiji

3) Butler Please

4) In the Cab-ana

5) Shearling Darling



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