Monday, December 23, 2013

Accessories: The Material Equivalent of Human Quirks

A wise man once said: "Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman's outfit". Who was that wise man? He goes by the name of Michael Kors and he is THE accessory giant of the fashion industry. The woman who does not fantasize about a Michael Kors handbag or an MK watch has simply never seen one. This woman does not exist.

Good Morning ladies!

I am here to convince you that sterling accessories are the best investment you'll ever make and worth prioritizing. While those all sound like some very big words, they should not be taken lightly. Many of us fall into the "shopaholic" category, but not all of us have wads of cash to spend on everything that lights up our eyes in a store. As a result, we tend to spend all of our money on clothes only to arrive at the accessories counter a moment too late. I am guilty of this very crime.

Accessories are the material equivalent of human quirks. While trends may dictate what we choose to wear or influence our sense of style, accessories have the power to differentiate us from one another and provide the necessary punctuation to a drab look. What is a sentence without the proper punctuation? INCOMPLETE. What is an outfit without intriguing accessories? It is meaningless words without subtext, a body without a soul, a soup without vegetables, a salad without dressing. Accessories have the almighty power to make or break an outfit. They individualize your look by sprinkling it with personality. The fact of the matter is that NOBODY will be wearing all the same accessories at the same time, while this may not be the case with the consumption of "fast fashion". Let's just say that they have saved many a fashion crisis.

Exhibit A: Woman walks into New Years Eve party wearing a sequin-infested Herve Leger dress in a navy blue. Woman charms the room with her glamorous glitter, sparkling upon every encounter. Woman spots Other Woman across the room in the VERY SAME DRESS. Woman's heart stops. Woman's sheer black shall and layered pearl necklace salvage the situation as Other Woman arrives with a crystal necklace and faux fur arm candy. Crisis Averted.

This situation, ladies and gentlemen, is why it is important to buy the proper accessories to make a simple look your own. Even if you find yourself decked in the very same dress, nobody will notice if your accessories shine brighter. Accessories first. Clothing second.

Happy Shopping!


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