Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Red Lipstick and My Mouth: A Love Story

When I was 17, I entered a new chapter in my life, what we in Quebec refer to as "Cegep" (a period in between the awkward teenage stage and looming adulthood). It was a big step forward in many ways, but mostly because I could kiss my high school uniform goodbye and reinvent my own personal style. As I began to explore the enchanting world of fashion, I met Red (NOT to be mistaken with the Taylor Swift song) and it was love at first sight.

To my utter horror and astonishment, there are people out there who think a red lip is trashy. Sure it is, if you're a trashy individual. Otherwise, it is LIFE CHANGING. I am not exaggerating. I am one of those people who wakes up in the morning and looks like they've been run over by a train or truck or any large vehicle for that matter. I have bags under my eyes the size of a Burberry suitcase (but a little less classy) and my skin is more washed out then the Mediterranean desert. It almost seems unsalvageable. Enter red lipstick. 

Day or night, I could be wearing the slouchiest pair of jeans (though I probably wouldn't) with a simple Tee and a red lip will automatically make it high fashion. It has that power. I'm pretty sure red lipstick is actually a magic potion that turns you into a beautiful swan (but maybe I've just seen far too many disney movies). Red lipstick saves the day like the sunshine after a haircut. It ensures that you look absolutely beautiful no matter how much makeup you're wearing or what you've slipped on in your somnolent state. In the war between lipstick and mascara, it tramples the latter like paper on rock. Yes, I went there. So, for those of you who question the "classiness" of a red lip, you could continue to look washed out in the morning after your face powder falls off and your eyeliner melts into your eyeballs. One day, you'll be holding that red lipstick, saying "where have you been all my life", wondering how you ever survived a moment without it.

PLUS, you can look like this:



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