Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Sweaters Changed My Tiny Little Life

This may sound like the title of a bad self-help book (and chances are, it probably is), but when you're tiny and flimsy, sweaters are life-altering. It's a fact.

My obsession with fashion developed a little late in the game. I'm not one of those girls who was dressing well straight out of the womb. It happened pretty suddenly actually. I was standing in front of the mirror one day (checking myself out of course) and noticed something horrific. My jeans were sagging. I had an internal panic attack instantly upon the realization that I've been walking around in public like this for years. I impulsively chucked all my jeans and decided I needed a fresh start. Since then, I've been finicky about everything that goes on my body. Including sweaters.

Anything particularly bulky has a tendency to swallow me whole. People frequently mistaken me for a 16 year old (on a good day) because of my petite frame and below average height. When I wear anything oversized, I look like it's wearing me (or eating me). So, I decided to do some research and find solutions to this problem because I could NEVER give up oversized sweaters. I'm always cold and frankly, I live in Canada, so it's not realistic.

Here are 3 tips for petite girls to enjoy large sweaters:

1) Wear them with leggings. If you're a tad hipster, printed leggings are THE BEST. If you're more of a sleek fashionista, I'd go with the leather (major trend this season).

2) Wear the cropped kind of sweater. If you're uncomfortable showing your midriff, a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans will elongate your legs and maintain warmth. Also, anything cropped is super cute.

3) WEAR HEELS. I know this seems like the obvious solution to every short girl's problems (that's because it is), but it's also the ONLY solution. If you're unaccustomed to this, start with small clunky heels and eventually, you'll adapt. If you're as small as me and don't like high heels, well, I don't think that exists.

SO, heed my advice and good luck!


P.S We may never be models, but we could definitely pull this off:

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