Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rihanna for Balmain: Predictability At Its Best

When I watch a Romantic Comedy, I expect the two protagonists to end up together at the end. It is predictable and cliche, but it MUST happen. On the rare occasion that it doesn't, it is thrown into the "bad film" pile stationed on the left side of my brain. Once in a while, a movie just throws you a lemon and you wonder why you wasted two hours watching a couple fall in love only to witness their final break up. When the credits get rolling, you find yourself wondering what happened to the rest of the film and give your television screen a bewildered stare.

Sometimes, we all crave a little predictability to escape the disappointment that comes with every day life. We also need to be reassured that people out there are making smart decisions, because frankly, if the shoe fits...

When it just feels right and we're all thinking it, it is probably because it is. THAT is how I feel about Rihanna for Balmain. This Spring 2014 campaign features bad girl Riri herself and frankly, it was only a matter of time. Her edgy diva image aligns with Olivier Rousteing's glam rock collection perfectly. I am absolutely in love with this brand and Rihanna, so in my eyes, this is incredible news. I find his collections empowering and sultry with a dab of attitude. Putting Rihanna in those clothes is like adding strawberries to your vanilla ice cream. It just fits well together and enhances the flavour. Rihanna embodies this brand and though I didn't believe it to be possible, amplifies its image. She is exactly who I would've have imagined as the poster girl for Balmain and THAT is what I love about it.



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