Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Apparently, Nail Art Is Dead. I Never Thought It Was Alive.

According to several reliable sources including The Cut, Fashionista, and Buzzfeed, nail art is on the road towards its demise. Rather than summarizing what has already been said about Nail Art (including various undeniable statistics about reduced consumption), I will state my own personal opinion on the matter (it is your choice to agree or disagree).

Despite Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus decking these elaborate nail designs, it never really stuck on me (no pun intended). What is nail art anyway? In my eyes, it consists of going back to our five year old roots and conducting an arts and crafts project on our nails (I was never very good at arts and crafts). While that's all fine and dandy, the textured nails concept just doesn't sit well with me. I will try just about any shade or colour (except maybe yellow) on my nails (as you can see from my Essie article) and explore the multi-colour concept. I will attempt at any type of French manicure (reverse or otherwise) you may offer, but a nail design? Not my cup of tea. Maybe it's because I belong to a supreme category of klutziness. Perhaps I simply cannot imagine gluing crap to my nails and having to remove said crap afterwards. Or, I may just be the nail art grinch. For whichever reason, I KNEW that nail art was just a phase like low-rise thong-baring jeans (thank goodness for that).

If for some odd reason, this article burns your soul, continue to elaborately deck your nails with gold sequins or rainbow glitter. Maybe you can revive this dying trend and for that I shall commend you. I, for one, will probably never try this because I can barely paint my nails without passing the lines and the idea of making art displays on them seems unfathomable. Although, you never know what the future holds. Perhaps with the assistance of stickers or professional help, I can warm up to the idea. A wise man once said: Never Say Never (Justin Bieber and my parents).

Adios Snow Bunnies!


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