Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Midi Dilemma

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I've recently been faced with a dilemma that has been brewing in my mind for quite some time now and I can't seem to reach a conclusion. I went shopping today and every time I go on a shopping excursion, I have the "should I, shouldn't I" debate preceded by the "Can I pull this off" conundrum. If you haven't guessed it based on the title, I'm referring to the "I'm too short to wear a midi skirt" dilemma. For the fashionably impaired, a midi skirt is one that hits the calf, several inches above the ankle. The Fall 2013 runway shows have inspired me to embrace the midi length along with the various magazine images that have submerged into my psyche, but then I realize that the legs of these models are double my own. So the question is: can a petite woman wear a midi skirt? Or will I be swallowed by the fabric?

This is the one that I'm currently coveting: via www.chictopia.com

Fashion magazines inspire us to explore different trends from the latest designer runways, but they don't take our stature into account. Therefore, we need to formulate our own list of fashion faux pas based on personal experience.

Here's my rule: don't judge a skirt by its hanger. And by that I mean: it's generally not as long as it looks. I've often found myself holding a skirt up against my body and suspecting that it would be too long without trying it on. Lesson? TRY IT ON. As soon as something catches your eye, it is worth it. It may look awful on the hanger, but incredible on you. That's the magic of clothing.

If you did not have the patience to read my advice in paragraph form, here's one tip to take from this:


A Demain!


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