Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why Flatforms Are The Best Thing To Happen To America

Flaforms. 'Tis a cross between a flat and a platform shoe. Also known as the short girls' savior from all height woes that may befall her.

Dearest stilettos, I have suffered for way too long. Your pointy heel makes me feel as though I were walking on pins. The elegance I seek is shadowed by the idea that I am walking on stilts like a circus freak.

To the wedge, you remain a dear friend, but alas, I still feel the pain after six hours with you. Your efforts will not go unrecognized, but we can't spend too much time together as it inflicts suffering upon my feet.

Flatforms are like the tooth fairy, a guardian angel, and Cinderella's fairy godmother all wrapped into one. They elevate like no other shoe without putting your foot on an arch of any kind. Walking on flatforms is like walking on planks of wood purely to increase height. 

All my life, I have been searching long and hard for a pair of heels I could wear all day every day. It is the ultimate American (short girl) dream. While flats are one of the most unflattering shoes on the market (in my humble opinion), flatforms are playful and fun. They may not promise elegance in the same way a stiletto does, but they do scream fashion girl at the top of their lungs. And if you wear them with socks, others bow down at your boldness.

So, to the flatform, you have arrived in my life at the perfect time and I couldn't be more grateful. Let's hope our experience together is as wonderful as I expect.



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