Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is In-Store Shopping Going Out of Style?

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a neighborhood with a strip mall at a ten-minute driving distance from my house and a giant mall built in heaven at my fingertips. I eagerly anticipated every Sunday when I'd get to peruse the shops, touch all the wonderful clothes, and fall in love with a shoe or six. As a grown woman, I've never gotten over that excitement of stepping into a store and letting the outfit ideas flow as I grab at every piece that screams my name.

And then, online shopping came along. Everyone raves about this new and exciting system that doesn't require leaving your home. Yes, you can shop in your pyjamas at 4am as you stuff your face with kale hoping to fit into those skinny jeans you spotted on the Zara website, but is that really how you want to experience your shopping?

Whenever I think of online shopping, words like credit card theft pop into my head. I also feel like a couch potato who is digging herself a whole of debt.

And if there's nothing I hate more, it's laziness and debt.

This new system feeds into these indulgences and promotes two horrible states of existence. At the click of a button, your entire credit card limit can be reached. Of course, your natural impulse may be to extend it, but then you would proceed to drown until you're forced to have a garage sale of your fab vintage finds.

Now, I don't HATE online shopping. However, I do feel as though in-store shopping is one of those things that should never disappear. There's something about touching those clothes that helps you develop a personal connection. You feel it against your skin and you just know it's the one, like your future mate.

Shopping in a store should never go obsolete because if that happens, we will no longer have a reason to wear those fabulous clothes that aren't suitable for the workplace.

For those of you who actually don't have time to shop, play it old school. Save your bucks and twice a year, head to the shops for some splurging. You may actually enjoy that more.

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